Pet and House Sitting in the Barnstaple Area

Pet sitting

A lot of pets get on just fine when boarding in a friendly place like ours but many pets find it extremely stressful when their humans go away (even if it’s for one night). Then to add to the stress, they are taken to somewhere new with new people and it feels as though they have been abandoned. The whole experience can be very unsettling.

This is why I provide a Pet/Home Sitting Service. This makes a huge difference for the more unsettled pet. Benefits include:

  • Sleeping in their usual place and being in their own home
  • Their routine is very similar to when you are home
  • They know their humans haven’t given them away and abandoned them
  • They can smell their humans and all other familiar scents, which makes them feel much more at ease

Other added benefits to you:

  • Security – Your home doesn’t look uninhabited. Lights are on, post isn’t building up inside the door and someone is coming and going (and of course the dog is barking now and then)
  • Other Pets – I can feed your fish, your cat or any other duties you need doing

Please contact me for more details on Pet/House Sitting.

Get in Touch

I’d love to her from you so please feel free to get in touch.

Dog Walking Services

When you are not able walk your dog, let me put your mind at rest. I can come and pick your dog up, give them a fun walk, playing and socialising with other great dogs. Returning them to your home, happy and tired, and you with peace of mind.

Dog Home Boarding

Dog home boarding service welcomes your dog into our home as part of the family. An alternative to traditional dog boarding kennels; ideal if you are on holiday and want your dog to be thoroughly pampered and loved while you’re away.

Dog Sitter

I can look after your dog in it’s own home, where it feels comfortable and secure. Avoid the stress of unfamiliar surroundings.

Dog Day Care

Dog / puppy daycare – Come, play, walk, socialise and relax in our home. Giving you peace of mind while you are out.

Pet Home Visits

We look after dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, fish, even your plants, you name it.

Pet Taxi

If your pet needs the vet and you can’t take them, or for any reason your pet needs a lift in an air conditioned specially converted pet taxi.