Pet and House Sitting in the Barnstaple Area

Pet and House visits in the Barnstaple Area

A lot of my customers have other pets such as Cats, Birds, Chickens, Rabbits, Fish and other animals. I offer a service where I can just pop into the home while you are away and take care of your pet’s needs.

There are some customers who need me to return up to three times per day or carry out very specific tasks. Whatever it is you need me to do I can work around your needs. My typical visits will include:

  • Feeding
  • Cleaning Hutches
  • Changing Beds and Litters
  • Medicating
  • Even just giving your pet a little stroke and a cuddle

And an added Bonus……Security!

This service also helps with the security of your home while you are away. People will see:

  • lights being turned on and off
  • post being picked up from the door
  • Bins being put out and taken back in

And any other activities which will discourage any opportunist thieves.

Please contact me for further details about Pet/Home Visits

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Dog Walking Services

When you are not able walk your dog, let me put your mind at rest. I can come and pick your dog up, give them a fun walk, playing and socialising with other great dogs. Returning them to your home, happy and tired, and you with peace of mind.

Dog Home Boarding

Dog home boarding service welcomes your dog into our home as part of the family. An alternative to traditional dog boarding kennels; ideal if you are on holiday and want your dog to be thoroughly pampered and loved while you’re away.

Dog Sitter

I can look after your dog in it’s own home, where it feels comfortable and secure. Avoid the stress of unfamiliar surroundings.

Dog Day Care

Dog / puppy daycare – Come, play, walk, socialise and relax in our home. Giving you peace of mind while you are out.

Pet Home Visits

We look after dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, fish, even your plants, you name it.

Pet Taxi

If your pet needs the vet and you can’t take them, or for any reason your pet needs a lift in an air conditioned specially converted pet taxi.